Jordan Savant # Software Engineer

Kernel Dev Blog 3 -- Email


So it took my a while to setup mutt and email on the VM machine. They were installed on day one but not configured until now and it had some workarounds.

In Gmail I enabled IMAP and got the configuration setup as it specified.

I setup the ~/.esmptrc file with the following information so it could send through Gmail

identity "m*****"
username "m*****"
password "*************"
starttls required

In the ~/.muttrc file i configured it to send through esmtp

set sendmail="/usr/bin/esmtp"
set envelope_from=yes
set from="Jordan Savant <m*****>"
set use_from=yes
set edit_headers=yes

Then I ran mutt and built some mail with m but was receiving an error of:

mx_get_magic(): unable to stat /var/mail/doomguy  No such file or directory


Error sending message, child exited 70 (Internal error.).

After some digging I needed to get the first error to go away by making it a file I had permissions to read and write to (not a directory)

And I had to enable "Less Secure Apps" under my Google Account at

(this was not well documented and found on a random file)

At that point it began working