Jordan Savant # Software Engineer

Daily backups run on at 3:00 am. This is established by a cron job that runs a local bash script which:

  • removes all files in the backups/ directory that are older than 30 days
  • mysqldumps the primary database into a stamped file in the backup dir

A local rsync bash file runs every hour on the 5th minute which:

  • removes all files in the rsync_backups/ directory older than 30 days
  • rsyncs the remote backup folder to the local backup folder

# Remove old files
echo "find ${DIR} -mtime +${DAY} -exec rm {} \\;"
find ${DIR} -mtime +${DAY} -exec rm {} \;

# Rsync new backups
echo "rsync -az ${RDIR} ${DIR}"
rsync -az ${RDIR} ${DIR}