Case Study: Xeta Telecommunications

Xeta Telecommunications was in need of an eCommerce solution customized to their own specific business model. This meant an eCommerce store that allowed for a tier based pricing and allocating users into particular pricing brackets. It also meant a private web store that only specific clientele could access. All of this was needed and it was needed quickly and within a limited budget. I was contracted through Angelwire Creative to help achieve this goal.

To accommodate this project a customized version of osCommerce was employed that would involve a heavy modification of the core application. Since osCommerce was an open source project, it allowed myself to make the needed changes to the code base for Xeta, while at the same time eliminating the need for developing all the other necessary eCommerce tools such as user management, product management, shopping carts, and payment APIs.

Strike Iron

Portions of the eCommerce store leveraged the powerful API provided by Strike Iron at Their API allowed for customer zip code look-ups to determine the user’s zip code based upon their designated street address, and also resolve possible city conflictions regarding zip codes that overlap zip code boundaries. It also allowed for validating customer addresses, phone numbers, and was used to calculated tax rates based on customer location.

Technologies Employed:

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